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I purchased this excellent reference guide a while ago, but tucked it away on my bookshelf and never did anything with it! I popped it open the other day and was reading through it and man, I wish I would have done so when I first purchased it. It is packed with a lot of good information, lots of helpful diagrams, and plenty of open space in which to practice some of the techniques it goes over. Not only does it have an attractive exterior, it also contains a lot of info on the comic industry, and on aspects of comic art like perspective, proportion, page layout/composition, and even storytelling!

This book provides plenty of areas for you to draw right on the pages. For example, after going into detail on male and female face proportions with plenty of general guidelines and examples, there are pages and pages of area to draw – pages that already have multiple.  proportion “grids” set up.

I Draw Comics comp

I decided to give the “proportion” chapter a shot. Below are various studies I did in my sketchbook after completing the exercises in the book.  It was a good learning experience.


I am enjoying this book very much, I would recommend it to people trying to improve. You can get it at the IDRAWCO website where they also offer several other types of reference guides.