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Sandara is an incredibly popular digital artist who hangs out on Deviantart, and is the artist behind the massive community’s most popular image of all time, “Hades and Persephone 2”.

For people interested in her drawing process, or on how to start drawing and painting, she recommends checking out this image.

For some links to livestreams she had done, check out the video links at the bottom of this post!

Sandara has a Patreon account, you can support her there!


Here is a great YouTube video from LevelUp!’s channel where they interview Sandara while she goes through her process of painting an image.


Sandara did a livestream once, but only once ; )


Deviantart’s Thiefofworld did a nice interview with Sandara, I would recommend reading it.

Also, she has a page of great tutorials over on Deviantart