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Can you imagine how overwhelmed new users of digital programs must feel when trying to learn from the internet? There is such a vast ocean of information, tutorials and videos covering hundreds of different topics, it can be difficult to know where to start! (Google the phrase “How to use Photoshop” and see what I mean!)

For those who are new to digital art, and would appreciate a less overwhelming way to learn the basics of digital painting, I would recommend a visit to the video library of Heck, even people who have been painting for a while should still check these out! This is some great stuff!


Here are just a handful of the instructional videos provided by


Crtlpaint offers a free, structured, and easy-to-follow way to learn the basics of digital painting.  It spans from introductions to concepts like layers and brushes, to traditional mediums, composition basics,  perspective, anatomy,  and colors. Something I really like about this resource is that it even goes over essential habits to have as an artist (down near the bottom of the page). Concepts like using reference correctly, good study habits, healthy mindsets, and learning curves.



Every Thursday Matt releases a new free video where he goes through his process of painting an object.This way, he can demonstrate how to apply the painting techniques he offers in his free library of educational videos.


I think that Matt Kohr, the creator and narrator of all of the videos, does a great job. He has a nice voice, he delivers information skillfully  and concisely, and his videos are free of the “umms” and “aahs” and “tsks” of many people with similar videos on YouTube. I am someone who gets very irritated at umms and aahs when listening to videos, so Matt is a breath of fresh air.

All of these videos are available for free, too! Awesome! Ctrlpaint has a store in which people can purchase more specialized and in-depth lessons, but don’t worry about those until you have nailed the basics and are hungry for more.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the whole website:


mattkohr quote