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Jorge Jacinto, also known as “JJcanvas” on many websites,  is a professional digital illustrator and concept artist who specializes in fantasy and sci-fi environment designs. He has an active web presence but seems to be most active on his Tumblr account, which is where he posts sketches, workflows, and answers questions

Sometimes he records timelapses of himself creating his illustrations, he shares them on YouTube.

He has shared his favorite Photoshop brushes with his followers, you can download them HERE

The last 5 brushes or so are the ones I use the most ( like 95% of the time )…Just remember that brushes are just another tool and won’t make your work better or worse automatically. Just use the ones you like the most and stick with that


Since I am a very visual learner, I find watching another artist work is one of the best ways to learn new techniques. I am always grateful to find good time lapse videos to watch, and JJcanvas does not disappoint! Below, I am going to share a few of my favorite videos from his channel (but there are way more than that). Go subscribe!

More of JJcanvas’ work can be found with the following links:

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